Sky Contact Number: 0843 504 7160

Contact Sky’s main phone helpline 0843 504 7160 or call Sky customer service for free on their freephone number 0800 151 2747.

Call 0800 151 2747 to contact Sky for free or alternatively phone their main helpline by calling their customer service number 0843 504 7160. Sky are the largest single-company provider of satellite television within the UK, and also operate highly successful broadband and landline telephone services. If you have any general enquiries about these services, if you want to join Sky, or if you want to change your Sky service you should call these helplines.

To make a complaint to Sky you should call their contact number 03300 412 558 to complain about Sky TV, 03300 412 559 to make a complaint about Sky Broadband or 03300 412 561 for complaints relating to your Sky Talk service. You can also contact Sky’s UK head office by calling 020 7032 8000 to register your complaint. If you would prefer to write to Sky to make your complaint then please use their official postal address which is provided here for you:

Customer Complaints,
Sky Subscriber Services Ltd,
PO Box 43,
West Lothian,
EH54 7DD,
United Kingdom.