Experian Contact Number: 0115 941 0888

Phone Experian on this contact number 0115 941 0888 to discuss your credit report, their credit rating methods, or another matter.

When you’re already an adult, it is no longer your report card that is the most important sheet of paper with numbers on it – it is now your credit rating. When you have good credit, you’ll be able to apply for loans and avail of special offers and payment options for a wide variety of products from companies that want your business. A good credit rating is akin to a good grade on personal finance. It tells banks and companies that you’re trustworthy and that they will get their money back, with interest, if they put faith in you and give you a loan, or accept your credit on their goods.

If you’re curious about your own credit score, then use the services offered by Experian. If you’re a business, you can also use the services they offer to produce credit reports on prospective job applicants or loan applicants. The report they produce is also invaluable when it comes to market research.

  • If you have any questions regarding the range of products and services that they offer, then you can contact them at the Experian contact number  +44 (0) 115 941 0888. This is their general enquiry and customer service number.
  • If you want to call them up to enquire about your credit report, then call them at 0344 481 0800 or 0800 013 8888.
  • If you wish to receive information about your credit report by post, then send them a letter at:

PO BOX 7710,
NG80 7WE.,
United Kingdom.

Customer Support Centre,
Experian Ltd,
PO BOX 9000,
NG80 7WF,
United Kingdom.

  • If you wish to contact Experian about their ProtectMyID service, then email them: customerhelp@protectmyid.co.uk
  • You can also call Experian to ask about their ProtectMyID on 0344 481 0001.
  • Alternatively, send Experian a letter to their offices at this address:

PO Box 9639,
NG80 1AE,
United Kingdom.

  • If you want to enquire about their AutoCheck service, then contact them by email at: autocheck@uk.experian.com
  • Or send a post to:

AutoCheck Service Support,
The Sir John Peace Building,
Experian Way,
NG2 Business Park,
NG80 1ZZ,
United Kingdom.

  • You can also call Experian on this phone number 0870 013 1696.