Sussex Bats

Welcome to the new Sussex Bats website.

The observation of bats is a wonderful hobby and pursuit, and the best time to observe these wonderful creatures being in the rural areas during cool summer evenings. The prime hunting times of bats comes in the hour prior to sunrise and sunset, and it is this time that Sussex’s bat watchers emerge from their homes to approach and observe these animals.

Sussex has a few great bat hotspots, and many more reasonable ones. What’s more, our group is pleased to point out special equipment and sonic detectors that allow you to identify where bats are communicating in their own, ultrasonic way.

Useful Contact Resources

All bat watchers need to get away and watch a bit of telly here and there, and our phone numbers for Now TV make that possible using the Internet.

Whether you want to email fellow bat observers or just sort your own inbox out, our Hotmail contact numbers will see you get customer service with everything POP3.

Credit advice and consultation on your credit report may be sought using our contact details of Experian, the world’s top notch credit agency.

Heating up some hot soup before you head out to watch bats is important, and our British Gas phone numbers have people present to sort out your home energy and gas bills.

If you want to send some bat droppings, pictures or other mementos through the post, use our UK Mail phone numbers to arrange collection and delivery of such items.

When travelling to bat hotspots throughout the UK you may consider staying in a budget Travelodge hotel, you can consult our list of telephone numbers to book a room, to amend your reservation and to add extras such as breakfast.